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After all, there have been Amish rapes, incest, and other similar sins, including a few murders. Just know that God is everywhere, in the leaves, in nature, in everything. But I thought the question deserved a fair hearing at least. I will say this from my own experiecne, neither side quite knows what to do with us. Or, is it a part of who you are as a heterosexual female? As well, up until fairly recently, it was very hard to live as a gay or lesbian person in a rural area just owning to the higher, non-anonymous way of life that rural living entails to begin with. I seem to recall an Amish America report on lifelong bachelors among the faithful who never marry, or perhaps marry late.

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What if you’re Amish and homosexual?


My citation of not knowing any personally was not meant to say that none exists—I obviously only know a small percentage—but perhaps I should confess to feeling that someone needs to voice the other side of the issue, from within the conservative Anabaptist community. My point in posting this was to underscore that, in contrast to much of mainstream society, this behavior is viewed as unequivocally sinful and not acceptable to Amish…and to look at how Amish might deal with this situation when and if it occurs. Did you wake up one morning with a sudden urge to be attracted to men? Get the Amish in your inbox. There are so many more important things to be focused on like feeding the growing number of poor and hungry.

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Reliable information from one of the largest Amish sites on the web. I hope you understand. When we turn away from God willfully, perversion is our doom. Mary I appreciate the comment on this rather taboo topic. What do these Amish women have on their heads?

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