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Brain Plasticity and Homosexual Behavior For decades it was thought that the childhood brain could form and change, but that things became hardwired in adulthood. Even if there are genes that influence specific behaviors, do we simply excuse the behavior because of this? His research interests involve the relationships between brain neurochemistry and human behavior. More recent studies of different components of the brain show differences that might have some statistical significance, but also demonstrate a great deal of overlap between heterosexual and homosexual males. Recent research in brain plasticity suggests that brain changes could be the result of experiences and environmental input.

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Is There a Gay Gene?

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Genes, which are made up of DNA, act as instructions to make molecules called proteins. Several possible genes were identified, but there was no conclusive information about the relationship of any of these genes to male sexual behavior. In the midst of all this, committed Christians need to be informed and prepared. The other end of the spectrum six is composed of those individuals who are exclusively interested in same-sex behavior, with no interest in heterosexual activities. In fact, no one else has ever seen the original slides that LeVay used to make his measurements. Most early studies did not do a scale ranking. Churches are seeing increased pressure for the performance of same-sex marriage ceremonies.

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The ongoing debate about whether homosexuality is inborn or somehow chosen can be confusing. Brain structure studies show considerable overlap between the two groups. Spitzer followed up and found that there was no good research literature available either to support or refute these claims, so he conducted his own research. This type of care in subject selection will be necessary in order for any meaningful data to appear. Recent research, however, is showing a very different picture of the adult brain. This will have some sort of effect on certain biochemical processes in the body.

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